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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Interviewing with Googliness

Preparing for an interview with Google can be quite daunting. There is a ton of mind-bending information out there and everyone you talk to will give you different advice. There is however a constant, a golden nugget principle that if applied correctly, will leave your interviewers impressed no matter what position you’re shooting for. This key is called Googliness.

Goo·gl·i·ness (gōō'gəl'i·nɪs) n.
1. The stuff you’re passionate about
2. The characteristics that make you interesting

Synonyms: out-of-box creativeness, well-roundedness, world-changing ambition, profound quirkiness

Alison Parrin, a Google Graduate Recruitment Manager, describes Googliness as “that extra-special achievement that makes you different.” As I prepared for my Google interviews, every Googler I spoke with told me that I need to show my Googliness. I’m confident that by tactfully sharing my experiences volunteering in Peru, playing trumpet in various indie bands, and being the president of the school’s marketing club were critical elements that helped me get hired.

Why do you care?

Because these days, most companies want to see that you possess some form of Googliness. In many instances, it’s the only way to distinguish yourself from all the other candidates who have relatively the same GPA and academic background. So get out of your dorm room or cubicle, and get involved in something you’re passionate about. Don't deny yourself of Googliness any longer.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for this advice. I hope to use my love of hypochondriac pottery to win employers over now.

Outside around ex from ab
Cube box square circle diagonal
Southern bridge resolute google up
2 peacenik driver Episcopalian
Sort of everywhere but warm dry
Underneath don’t be obvious
Don’t let the pizza hut get old
This is good advise all around
Stonehenge isn’t too dark I hop.


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